Monday, December 22, 2008

Cache's Season Debute!!

Trophy Picture

Adam and Cache finally got a good hunting day! Sunday morning John, Adam, Nathan and Cache set out to kill a few ducks. Up until now the whole season has been a bust. They have not been able to kill their limit, that is until Sunday. Cache was the only dog on site so he got to retrieve all 16 ducks! The temperature was about 21 degrees (as you can see from the ice on Cache's face)... it was extremely COLD!! I was a little upset Cache had to break ICE to get to the ducks, but apparently he loved it. The boys didn't kill their whole limit because they left to make it back for church. The lonely duck widows at home were very appreciative! Way to go Cache!

Cache with ICE stuck to his face! Still very handsome!


Blaine and Tanner said...

They both look SOOOOO proud!!!
so cute!

Trent, Amanda and Kennedy said...

Way to go Cache! I guess that his school paid off!